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Rags2RichesRadio.com was created by Damien Priest (founder of R2R315.com) to be a platform that features daily prayer, talks on spiritual warfare as well as Catholic Hip Hop - 24/7.


Our mission is to be The Voice of Catholic Hip Hop. For us, this means creating and featuring content that reflects a more personal, relatable, side to everyday life in the Faith.


We hope that by prayerfully following the call to save souls - we can sow seeds of Faith that grow to be deeply rooted in the Gospel message of Christ's love for us.


"...especially spiritually, I went from rags to riches by having Christ in my life... that's where all of this got its name... that and praying overtime"


                                   - Damien Priest -


We are the first to feature fully animated Catholic Hip Hop music & talk-show episodes.